Various fundraisers will be offered throughout the school year to assist the Marina Vocal Arts Booster Clubs general fund and student’s individual accounts. Fundraised money will be held by the MVABC and a percentage of the profits MAY be applied to the student’s account. Refer to the chart below for percentage of profit details.
Profits applied to individual student’s accounts will reduce the amounts needed for operational expenses, choir attire expenses, transportation, festivals, honor choir fees, solo competition fees, retreat and tour costs. Student account money cannot be used for any other reason. If there are remaining funds in a student’s account at the end of the year, it will carry forward to the next year. If a student will not be returning to choir (graduating, expulsion, transfer, etc.), any remaining funds are donated to the MVABC general fund. If a student needs to take a year off from choir due to their schedule being impacted, contact Mr. Graham about holding student account funds until the next school year. If the student has a younger sibling who will be in choir the following year, funds may be transferred to the sibling’s account. Refunding or cashing out funds jeopardizes the not-for-profit status of the MVABC and is therefore, not allowed.

Fundraiser % of Profit Account Deposited
Concert Program Advertisements 60/40 split MVABC General Fund (40%) and Student Accounts (60%)
Cookie Dough 100 Goes Toward Students Operational Expenses Only
Holiday Concert  Silent Auction 100 Student Accounts
Popcorn Sale  50/50 split MVABC General Fund and Student Accounts
Christmas Items Sale  50/50 split MVABC General Fund and Student Accounts
Concerts 100 MVABC General Fund
Restaurant Nights 100 MVABC General Fund
Donations to Individual Students 100 Student Accounts
E-Script 100 General Fund
Car Wash & Rummage Sale 100 General Fund